The Official Canned Cocktail of the  Cincinnati Bengals




Each of us has a burning desire to build things that have meaning and purpose. Becoming a creator is the new dream job. That’s why we created Canvus. A brand that’s focused on two things. Creating refreshing, flavor filled cocktails. And empowering people like you to get out there, take a risk, experiment, and create. From our cans that put artists front and center, to our financial investments into local creators and their passion projects, our mission is to inspire creativity in every person who picks up a Canvus.



Picasso. Walt Disney. Tony Hawk. Jimi Hendrix. All creators whose art shaped the culture. Creators with courage, who stepped out and did things their own way.

Canvus is a community of builders, creators, trend-setters and explorers. It is a brand that gives those influencing culture a platform and a canvas to showcase their skills and bring their art to the world.

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